Marketing and Sales Agents

We have a created a new business model designed to attract and retain the top talent and leaders.

We’re not going to pitch you the dream, we’re going to empower you to achieve your goals.

You will be representing our client, Verizon selling FiOS products, including TV, Home Phone, and Internet.

You will be leveraging the best in operations, support staff, and continuous technological improvements.

Preferred Partners Group (PPG) is looking for sales candidates interested in furthering their careers and achieving their goals.

Built on the foundation of over half a century of hands-on experience and best practices from some of the brightest and most successful industry veterans.
We have designed our business model from the Agent up. Taking care of our people first, putting both the Client’s and Agent’s needs before our own. In this new model, we play a
supporting role to the Agent, providing them with the tools and expertise they need to succeed. Empowering our Agents to grow, excel, and be in control!

Thank you for your time and consideration, if you’re the right candidate we look forward to talking with you soon!

Preferred Partners Group offers opportunities as independent contractors. Preferred Partners Group does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or any other protected basis.